Buy it once. Use it 300 times.

You just can’t beat the value for money. Built with multi-layered construction using advanced textile technology, all Lessy Messy products are made to withstand over 300 washes (lab tested). Plus, all these features below are a bonus.
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Washer/Dryer Safe

Normal wash and dry cycles keep it looking as good as new
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Highly Absorbent

Absorbs just about every spill
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Two layers of impervious material that keeps fluids from seeping through
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Save the planet with this reusable line of products
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100% Safe for skin

Ultrasoft, hypoallergenic, lint-free fabric is safe for even the most sensitive skin
Don’t Stress the Mess
Life is full of memorable moments to cherish forever. But sometimes, these moments can become not so enjoyable with messy situations. Some you can avoid and some you can’t. So how do we make life memorable as well as enjoyable? Well, by not “stressing the mess”. Lessy Messy is all about that – helping you handle messes so you can get on with living your life without the stress.
Becoming a new parent is an overwhelming phase of life – from the immense joy of holding your little one to the stressful (and messy) new responsibilities. The joys of parenthood continue through the teen years and so do the messes – from family picnics to fun on the beach, road trips to creative projects at home, kids have a way of making mess a way of life. Let’s take the stress out of the mess…with our unique range of products that are way better than the alternative in every category that we serve.
Baby Diaper Changing
Mat and Changing Pad

Absorbent | Leakproof | Washer & Dryer safe

The Lessy Messy line of baby products is perfect for changing your baby’s diaper. Both the diaper mat as well as the changing pad cover are soft, leak-proof, and durable. What’s more, unlike most brands available in the market, our products are washable and reusable for over 300 times. So, you know it is really clean for your little angel – protecting them from germs.

Plus, the Lessy Messy pad cover is practical and unique without the fuss of extra liners or cleaning a dirty pad.
All-Purpose Mat

Multiple uses | Leakproof | Washer & Dryer safe

Lessy Messy All-Purpose Mat makes you wonder how you managed without one when you start using it. It makes life that simple for you. The unique combination of being leak-proof and washer/dryer safe makes the Mat a versatile product that can be used indoors to protect your floor from messy kids’ projects, muddy shoes or protect your mattress from bed-wetting accidents. The mat comes equally handy outdoors too. You can use the Lessy Messy All- Purpose Mat outdoors as a picnic blanket, beach mat, concert mat while staying dry. Thanks to its 100% leak-proof feature, it doesn’t let wet sand or grass dampen the fun. Of course, the best part is you can put it in the washer/dryer to be used over and over again.
Trunk Mat

Different Sizes for different vehicles | Leakproof | Washer & Dryer safe

Throw the trunk mat in the washer? Never heard of it? Well, that’s what’s unique about the Lessy Messy Trunk Mat. Unlike the Rubber Mat and the Cargo Mat, the Lessy Messy can actually be washed in a home washer/dryer. Did you know that microbiologists have found that most bacteria harbor in the trunk of the car? So, protect your family from germs by washing your trunk mat regularly. Plus, it is absorbent and leak-proof to protect against any leaks.
Custom Cut for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y (5 seater only)
Proud Tesla Owner? Well, keep your car looking as good as new with these custom cut trunk mats for the Model 3 and Model Y. Other models will be available in the future.