Animal Print Diaper Mat - 20 IN X 30 IN


This superior quality diaper mat has the unique combination of being absorbent, leak-proof and safe for the washer/dryer,Comes in many attractive colors and patterns like this Animal Print


  • ALL-AROUND PROTECTION: Safe at high temperature washes so you can be sure to rid your mat of all the bacteria, viruses, and germs of the world. Wherever your little one goes, Lessy Messy baby changing pads are reassuring hygiene and comfort for your baby girl or boy and protection for your precious carpet, flooring, car seat and other spots
  • FANTASTIC ABSORBENCY: Lessy Messy diaper changing mat is made of two layers of waterproof and leak-proof materials that do not let fluids seep through while absorbing liquids quickly without letting them spread; a nice, clean and dry changing pad surface means a happy baby; for best absorbency, wash changing pad sheet before first use
  • CONVENIENTLY WASHER AND DRYER SAFE: most changing pads are not dryer safe, but Lessy Messy is designed to handle the high temperatures in the washer AND dryer; in fact, you can wash and reuse these diaper changing mats over 100 times without affecting their absorbency and quality at all
  • 100% SAFE FOR KIDS: Lessy Messy baby changing pads are ultra-soft, hypoallergenic and lint-free, so your little one will feel absolutely comfortable on them
  • GENEROUS SIZE FOR ON THE GO: measuring a huge 20 x 30 inches, the Lessy Messy portable changing pad is big enough to accommodate bigger babies easily and adequately cover dirty spots in public spaces. It is also foldable and small enough that it isn’t a hassle to take with you on the go. It will pack into a diaper bag or backpack easily.