Trunk Mat - Van-SUV 60 IN X 60 IN


The ONLY trunk mat that can be put in the washer and dryer; plus, it’s absorbent and leak-proof to keep your car clean

Categories: Trunk Mat

•Leak Proof
•Washer/Dryer Safe
•Soft, Hypo-allergenic, Lint-Free
•60 in X 60 in – perfect size for any Van/SUV trunk (smaller 36X60 size
available for Car)

The Lessy Messy Trunk Mat is designed to protect the trunk of your vehicle against stains caused by liquid spills, food, muddy shoes and more.
It lays snug on your vehicle carpet and does not shift or wrinkle. It is absorbent so any liquid spill would get absorbed and not spread; leak proof
so it does not go through and ruin your vehicle carpet and most of all, it is safe for the washer and dryer at high temperatures. So, you use it, put it in
the washer/dryer and it is ready to be used over and over again.
Protect your car from being a "Germobile" - Microbiologists have found large amounts of bacteria in the trunk of the car that just stay there since
most trunks are never washed. Not any more ...with the Lessy Messy Trunk mat that is safe for the washer and dryer so you don’t let germs breed !
Its sophisticated, plaid design with rich colors looks attractive and is loved by people of all ages. It’s called the “MUST HAVE for every VEHICLE”
since it is much better than the alternatives.