All-Purpose Mat (Kids Print) – 60 IN X 60 IN


This washable mat is absorbent, leak-proof and safe for the washer and dryer with many uses – see description below for more details. Attractive kids print

Categories: All-Purpose Mat

•Leak Proof
•Washer/Dryer Safe
•Soft, Hypo-allergenic, Lint-Free
•60 in X 60 in
•Kids Print Design
•Includes a carrying case

The All Purpose Mat by Lessy Messy is a unique, versatile product with multiple uses for the family – protect your carpet from messy stains, use it outdoors as a picnic blanket, stay dry on the beach even on wet sand, keep that mattress clean from accidents, protect your car trunk, keep dog hair and saliva off your car seats; protect your carpet from muddy shoe stains;
use it as a gardening mat….the list is endless. Its sophisticated, plaid design with rich colors looks attractive and is loved by people of all ages.
It’s called the “MUST HAVE for every HOUSEHOLD” because of its numerous uses – hence, the name Multipurpose Mat.


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