More Than Just A Diaper Mat

More Than Just A Diaper Mat

More Than Just A Diaper Mat

We love being your go-to for supplies that make diaper changes easier. We also know that as parents – especially new parents – you have more important things to focus on (and enjoy) than diaper changes, which is why we strive to help you clean up quickly and get back to the good stuff, like snuggles, play time, or productivity. 

That being said, we’re always looking for new ways to make your life easier, and enable a little bit more fun at home or on the go. That’s why your Lessy Messy products are multifunctional, and while they work great as a foundational element of diaper changing duty, they can serve you in more ways than one. 

This week, we’re showing off all the different ways you can leverage your Lessy Messy diaper changing mat (and a few other products) to make parenting easier and playtime more fun. As always, we want to hear from you – send us your Lessy Messy life hacks and tell us how you use our products in creative ways for your chance to win some free goodies from our Lessy Messy family! 

Tackle tough messes on the go.

While many keep their Lessy Messy diaper changing mats at home for easy clean-up after a diaper change on the couch, floor, or bed, we know that even more keep one in their diaper bag so they can confidently complete a diaper change ANYWHERE. Yes, anywhere. This includes in the car (not while in motion, of course), at the beach, during a picnic, at the airport, while on a playdate…the list goes on and on! 

Being able to trust that your baby’s diaper mess isn’t going to get on anything (or anybody) when on the go is a big stress, but not with Lessy Messy in tow!

Arts & crafts made easy.

After babies and kids graduate out of diapers, many parents have opted to use their Lessy Messy diaper mats around the house to prevent tough messes from ruining their things. This includes arts and crafts time at the table or on the floor. Allow kids to use messy art supplies like paints, clay, or markers without having to worry (too much) about staining your furniture or flooring. Lessy Messy products can act as a barrier between your kids and your home, making it so much easier to say “yes” when they ask to engage in messy enrichment activities. 

Road trip must-have.

If your family enjoys long car rides to new places or adventurous road trips, your Lessy Messy products are sure to be on the packing list. Why? Because they really can do it all. We’ve seen them used as car seat mats, catching food and sippy cup spills during long rides, we’ve seen them used as mini picnic blankets for rest stops and lunch breaks with messy eaters, and we’ve even seen them used as changing table covers to protect babies from other people’s messes and germs. No matter where you’re going, go with Lessy Messy!