Building The Perfect Pillow Fort

Building The Perfect Pillow Fort

Building The Perfect Pillow Fort

Winter can sometimes feel boring and dull. Unfortunately for families, cooped up kids tend to become crabby and irritable during the winter months, especially when it gets difficult or even unsafe to spend time playing outside. If you and your family have been looking for more indoor activities to spice up your school nights or weekends, you’ve come to the right place. 

Building the perfect pillow and blanket fort takes patience, but it’s something that everybody can enjoy at home. Whether you use your fort to watch movies as a family, create a secret hideout for the kids, or give them a task to tackle as a team, here are a few things you can do to help create a perfect fort and add to the fun this winter season. 

  • Use lightweight materials.

Heavy blankets and pillows are going to struggle to stay up once in place. Before building your fort, find all of the lightweight sheets, pillows, blankets, and more throughout your home. Rely on these materials to create a sturdy yet breathable fort. 

  • Take advantage of furniture at your disposal.

A big fort is a big deal. Consider helping your kiddos adjust furniture like couches and end tables to create support corners for their forts. They’ll feel like they have free reign to have fun and it’ll be a special treat for them. Plus, when it’s time to deconstruct the fort, you’ll be able to clean in those hard-to-reach places that are now exposed. A win-win! 

  • Supplies that will save the day. 

There are a few things you might want to gather before creating your fort. Supplies that we’ve grown to rely on include: 

  1. Clothespins for clipping sheets together
  2. Clothesline, twine, or string for hanging sheets up high 
  3. Hangers 
  4. Couch cushions
  5. String lights
  • Lighting is key.

Once your fort is almost ready to be enjoyed, lighting is key! But it’s important to avoid fire risks or unsafe placement of lamps, including anything with glass bulbs. One of our favorite lighting fixes is string lights, which can be unplugged when not in use and typically are safe to incorporate throughout a fort. Otherwise, lamps can be directed onto or in a fort to create safe lighting. When in doubt, rely on flashlights to get the job done. This can add a fun twist to any fort environment!

  • Snacks and entertainment are a must. 

Once your fort is finally ready, it’s time to incorporate all of your favorite family activities and snacks. Consider setting up a laptop or tablet to watch movies, bring in your favorite board or card games, and pop popcorn or gather your favorite snacks to enjoy in the fort. This is a great way to make memories, snap a few photos, and give the kids a fun activity that they’ll enjoy. Plus, they’ll have to work together to create something awesome.