Our Favorite Family-Friendly Destinations for Spring Break

Our Favorite Family-Friendly Destinations for Spring Break

Our Favorite Family-Friendly Destinations for Spring Break

February and March tend to be a struggle for almost everybody. And especially if you have young kids at home, you might be feeling cooped up and eager to break free of the typical routine. Spring break is a great opportunity for families to spend some time together, get out of the house, and experience new things. For many, spring break is the perfect opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime. 

If spring break is fast approaching for you and your family, but you haven’t made a plan or chosen a fun destination yet, you’re in luck. We’ve put together a list of our favorite and most highly recommended spring break destinations for families. 

Not only will these destinations feature things to do for all ages and all interests, they’ll also present new opportunities to try new foods, experience different weather, and check must-see sights off your bucket list together. Plus, we know that for many families, it’s important to stay away from some of the college-style spring break parties. So without further ado…

Family-Friendly Spring Break Destinations

  • Washington D.C. 

There’s no shortage of high quality entertainment and educational adventures at our nation’s capital. Featuring dozens of incredible museums, great food, and lots of excitement for kids of all ages, Washington D.C. is at the top of our list for fantastic spring break destinations. Plus, if you call the east coast home, it’s only a train ride away. 

  • The Grand Canyon, Arizona

If you haven’t experienced this incredible landmark as a family, you’re in for a treat. Traveling as a group to The Grand Canyon is sure to include plenty of “ooh”s and “aaah”s, and maybe even some inspiration for young ones experiencing the beauty of nature. Take a short hike as a family, explore the parks, and learn some incredible facts about The Grand Canyon. 

  • San Diego, California

Come for the zoo, stay for everything else. San Diego will (hopefully) feature some warmer weather than you’re used to this spring, and is home to one of the greatest zoos we’ve ever known. Take your animal-loving kiddos to see animals they may have never heard of before, and while you’re there, spend time on the beaches and in the sun without having to worry about excessive spring break partying. San Diego is a great low-key destination for families on the West Coast. 

  • Madison, Wisconsin

Situated on an isthmus (that’s a land bridge, for those who haven’t sharpened their geography skills in a while), Wisconsin’s capital city features delicious food (cheese!), great museums (including a children’s museum), and great views. Enjoy time outside and rent bicycles in one of the most bike-friendly cities in our country!

  • Charleston, South Carolina

Your family will love experiencing the unique sights and sounds of Charleston. A city built like no other, Charleston is equal parts charming and curious. Your family will enjoy the weather, the food, and the attractions including the Charleston Aquarium. While you’re there, don’t forget to visit the Joe Riley Waterfront Park for great photos and fun.