Keeping Baby’s Skin Healthy & Hydrated During Colder Months

Keeping Baby’s Skin Healthy & Hydrated During Colder Months

Keeping Baby’s Skin Healthy & Hydrated During Colder Months

As soon as temperatures begin to drop, you might notice that your skin starts to feel rougher, drying out quickly thanks to cold temps. Especially now, frequent hand washing under warm water with harsh soaps can contribute to how quickly our skin dries out, leaving our skin cracked and uncomfortable. While babies have much softer skin and much less frequent handwashing, their skin can face these same challenges throughout the winter months. It’s important to do everything we can to keep our skin and baby’s skin healthy and hydrated in order to stay comfortable and healthy. 

One of the best ways to remind yourself to tend to baby’s skin in the colder months – even if you don’t see any signs of dryness or irritation – is to check in on them whenever you check in on yourself. If you find yourself in need of lotion or moisturizer, check in on your little one’s skin, too. 

  • Hydrating Moisturizers & Lotions for Baby

One of our favorite products to recommend to new parents and families with small children is Pipette Baby Lotion. You can choose from three scents when you order online – including fragrance free – and benefit from “clean ingredients you can trust.” Pipette fills their products with ingredients that are naturally derived and great for baby’s skin. This serves as the perfect post-bathtime moisturizer or can be added to your morning diaper change routine. We’re also big fans of Earth Mama’s baby lotion.

  • Hypoallergenic Changing Pads Protect Their Skin

For many parents, diaper changes can be a busy part of their day, and certainly something they like to wrap up quickly so baby can get back to playtime, snacktime, or naptime. We know how tempting it can be to rush through a diaper change on the carpet or a rug, sometimes with a blanket or pad underneath, but it’s so important to prioritize hypoallergenic materials when setting a squirmy baby down on the floor. When their skin rubs against harsh materials, it can worsen their skin’s dryness or irritation and leave them feeling uncomfortable. Instead, opt for a hypoallergenic diaper changing pad that is ultra soft on their skin and lint-free. We might be biased but we think ours is best. Plus, you can get it on Amazon!

  • Bundle Up to Lock In Moisture

Cold air is really tough on the skin, make sure that you’re keeping baby bundled up on their way to and from the car, when out for winter walks, or when spending time outdoors. Because of car seat safety, this can be easier said than done, as you don’t want to buckle baby in with too many layers on. We love this cotton car seat cover from Little Unicorn, and if your little one has graduated out of their car seat, Buckle Me Baby Coats are a great option for little ones and toddlers needing to bundle up while staying safe. 

No matter how you protect your little one’s skin this winter season, we hope these tips make it easier and more accessible for you to find products that you love and trust. Stay warm, Lessy Messy family!