Our Favorite Parental Controls to Keep Kids Safe

Our Favorite Parental Controls to Keep Kids Safe

Our Favorite Parental Controls to Keep Kids Safe

Keeping your family safe means more than just protecting against germs and physical harm, it also means keeping an eye on their mental health and privacy in the digital age. With so many parents relying on technology to educate and entertain their little ones - especially in the midst of a pandemic - it’s important to acknowledge the risks that come along with unsupervised access to technology and the internet. 

A healthy respect for the dangers of internet predators and vision/eye health is usually enough to keep your kids out of harm’s way, but we’ve discovered a few additional layers of security to help you keep your kids safe. If you’re already familiar with parental controls when it comes to certain TV channels and apps, you’re off to a great start.

For Virtual Learners and Internet Users

Bark partners with parents and schools on a mission to keep kids safe online. They’ve protected more than 5.3 million children, prevented at least 16 school shootings, and have detected more than 121,000 self-harm situations. Bark monitors more than 30 of the most popular apps and social networks, offers parental alerts and screen-time monitoring, and much more. This software is great for kids and families who are tackling virtual learning from home and might not be able to consistently monitor children’s activities on the computer or phone. 

For Gamers and Viewers

Circle Parental Control offers a physical in-home monitoring system paired with an app that keeps track of how your kids are spending their lounge and screen-time. By connecting to your router, Circle Home Plus can monitor device activity (including linked phones from anywhere), set screen time limits, filter content, and more. This software/hardware combo makes it much less stressful to raise children in the digital age. 

For Movers, Shakers, and Drivers

FamiSafe is a great option for families with kids who are often on the move and travel to and from activities, sometimes on their own. In addition to monitoring web use and screen time, FamiSafe offers driving safety reports and real-time location data. Boasting an impressive claim to decrease screen time in children by 7.5 hours/week, FamiSafe is helpful especially for families raising impressionable teens figuring out their freedom. 

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