8 Best Baby Shower Gifts of 2021

8 Best Baby Shower Gifts of 2021

8 Best Baby Shower Gifts of 2021

We’ve all been there - you’ve searched every corner of the internet or your nearest Target for a baby shower gift that is practical yet cute, functional yet fun, and the perfect touch of thoughtfulness. It can be hard to shop for soon-to-be parents and their newest little one, so we took it upon ourselves to round up some of our favorite gifts for new or soon-to-be parents and their families. No more last minute scrambling for a meaningful gift - bookmark this list to keep on hand for the next time you’re searching for the best baby shower gifts of 2021 and beyond. 

  1. Personalized Name Book

If the parents-to-be have already shared their plans for naming their little one, this gift features an unforgettable personal touch and will help create memories for years to come. Featuring a unique and colorful storyline, this Lost My Name book will incorporate the baby’s name throughout. As the child grows, they’ll feel special knowing there’s a book made just for them, and mom and dad will love reading a more personal story to their little one.

  1. Growth Chart 

If there’s one thing that’s unavoidable, it’s that little ones eventually become big kids. Parents (especially first-time parents) love documenting the growth of their child and keep track of how far they’ve come throughout the years. Growth charts like this one can be hung on the wall and serve as decor, featuring a personalized touch. Shop Etsy for more colorful, creative options! 

  1. Diapers in Every Size

If you’re a parent, you’ve been there. Stuck without a properly-sized diaper in a pinch. Many parents receive newborn diaper sizes at a baby shower, but compiling a collection of a few diapers in every size will ensure they’re never left without the correct size as their baby grows in size. You can even compile them to create a custom diaper cake like this one.

  1. Booty Balm for Baby

It’s hard to compete with the organic ingredients jam packed into this incredible booty balm. In fact, LüSa Organics’ booty balm was Awarded the Best of Mothering Seal for Personal Care for Baby. This gift serves as a double-whammy and can be used to keep mom or dad’s skin soft and healthy, too. 

  1. Owlet Smart Sock 

The Owlet Smart Sock soothes so many new-parent worries by leveraging impressive technology to monitor little ones while they sleep. The smart sock monitors the oxygen level and heart rate of the wearer (baby) and alerts parents if vitals dip above or below “normal” range. 

  1. Drama-Free Diaper Changing Supplies

The average child goes through approximately 7,000 diapers before mastering potty training 101. Safety and sanitizability is a huge concern for many parents as they embark on the journey to empower a potty trained toddler, and Lessy Messy diaper mats and changing pad covers eliminate so many areas of concern. Featuring fun patterns and eco-friendly materials, Lessy Messy products are leak-proof and washer/dryer safe, making it easy for moms and dads to sanitize thoroughly. 

  1. Stroller Accessories

One of our favorite parent hacks involve stroller accessories that make travel a breeze, like this organizer attachment with room to hold toys, snacks, and coffee (a must). We also highly recommend keeping a Lessy Messy play mat tucked into your stroller for easy access and easier clean-up when on-the-go, but we might be biased! 

  1. Self Care for Mom & Dad

For the baby who has everything, you can never go wrong with some pampering items for mom and dad to help them feel relaxed and refreshed. Consider bundling some skin care products like lotion or face masks with movie night snacks and a bottle of wine to show mom and dad that you care about their wellbeing, too.