Winter Fun Means Winter Messes

Winter Fun Means Winter Messes

Winter Fun Means Winter Messes

Despite the beauty of the fluffy snow falling down outside your windows, deep down, every parent knows that snowy days are usually followed by winter messes. Tracked indoors by boots, wet mittens, pets, and more, muddy and salty snow can really make an entryway or mudroom look messy. Plus, who wants any of that gunk tracked throughout their clean home, especially during cold and flu season?

Whether your family is constantly on the go, loves to play outside, or takes four-legged friends on frequent walks through the snow, we’re willing to bet there’s no shortage of footprints, puddles, and dirty floors around your home. No worries – it’s all part of life, especially life with kids and pets.

But if you’ve been looking for new ways to keep your home tidy throughout the wet winter months, you’re in luck, because today we’re sharing three of our favorite ways to keep winter messes at bay in your home and vehicle.

  • Manage Messes in the Car

Picking kids up from school and activities comes with a fair share of messes. But protecting your car and leveraging supplies that make it easy to absorb slush and salty snow can make all the difference when you finally get home. Using waterproof floor mats and an absorbent, leak-proof trunk mat allows you to toss wet boots and winter clothing in the trunk and keeps wet messes from getting stuck in your car’s interior. Target has some of our favorite floor mats ( click here ) and our Lessy Messy trunk mats are raved about as one of the best investments for your vehicle. Don’t forget – the more mess that gets absorbed in the car, the less mess spills into your home.

  • Entryway Innovations



We get it, your entryway is the first look that you and your guests get into your beautiful home. But are you sacrificing practicality for presentation? If your entryway or mudroom isn’t working for you, then it isn’t serving it’s practical purpose. The good news is, there are plenty of ways you can create a practical atmosphere without sacrificing presentation completely. One of our favorite ways to do so is to invest in a washable, ultra absorbent floor mat that sits beneath your entryway mats, in your foyer, or covers a large portion of the floor in your mudroom. This makes it easy to clean your entryway floors on a weekly basis by tossing the mat directly in your washer, and eliminates the need for constant mopping, Swiffer-ing, or vacuuming near your entryway. Scroll through our all-purpose mats here .

  • Snow Day Accessories

On a smaller scale, there are lots of practical little things you can do to help mitigate messes at home during slushy months. Boot trays are a great way to keep wet boots from dripping all over your floors. Pet paw booties are a great way to protect your dog’s feet and keep them from tracking wet snow throughout the house. Carpet and floor protector can help protect your floors around the house. Microfiber mats can help absorb even more of the wetness that gets tracked in. Consider this your friendly reminder that a home should serve its purpose, which means filling it with the things that make your life a little easier.