Avoid Shipping Delays & Supply Shortages: Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Avoid Shipping Delays & Supply Shortages: Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Avoid Shipping Delays & Supply Shortages: Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us and for many, the rush to finish shopping for gifts is at the top of their to-do list. This year, increased supply chain challenges are making it more and more difficult to get the gifts you want on time. The shelves are looking mighty bare at many of our favorite establishments – Target, Walmart, and even Amazon are struggling to fulfill orders or guarantee pre-2022 delivery. If you’re trying to get ahead of your holiday shopping, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done our best to compile a holiday gifting guide for families and kiddos that will make it easy for you to get gifts on time and without a hitch, guaranteeing more smiles on Christmas morning or throughout your holiday festivities. Read on to learn more about the gifts we know will knock their socks off. 

  • Zoo or Aquarium Memberships

Giving the gift of an experience is never a bad idea. Plus, no supply chain struggles here! Zoo and aquarium memberships are a great gift for families of all sizes and ages, and it usually inspires continued fun all year long. You could say it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Get a local zoo or aquarium membership for your family or a loved one and inspire them to get out of the house and explore as a family more often in 2022. Plus, you can print out the membership receipt and package it with a stuffed animal or two to add to the fun. 

  • Adventure Bundles

If your recipients are keen on a certain kind of adventure – hiking, camping, fishing, sledding, beaching – you can put together an adventure bundle to make it easier than ever to pack up and go next time they’re itching to get outdoors. We think our outdoor mats make a great starting point for adventure bundles. You can also add things like binoculars, hand warmers, ponchos, bug catchers, and more to the basket to create a personalized adventure bundle for a family or child. Small gifts or additions like these are likely not hard to find at your local supermarket. 

  • Game Night Staples

When was the last time you browsed the game aisle at your local store? This year, there are so many incredible options to choose from for varying ages and interests. If you think your loved one is difficult to buy for, you won’t for long. There’s sure to be something that captures your eye and will steal their heart in the game aisle. Whether it’s a card game, a board game, an outdoor game, or a puzzle, games can inspire game night for families and give the recipients something to look forward to. 

  • Crafts and DIY Supplies

This is another one that’s great for all ages and family sizes. Head to your local craft store and pick up a kit that makes it easy for them to build, create, or decorate something together as a family. This is a gift that helps the recipient discover their creative potential, shake things up, make a mess (our favorite!), and experiment with new types of play. Creative activities are a great way to encourage growth and development among kids of all ages. Head to Pinterest for more ideas on how to put together a crafting bundle for someone in your life! 

  • Customized Goodies for Everyone 

When was the last time you checked out what sellers on Etsy have to offer? Etsy is a great platform to use when shopping for unique or customizable gifts for loved ones. Plus, when you purchase from an Etsy seller, you’re supporting independent artists, small businesses, and local organizations. It’s best to shop on Etsy ahead of the busy holiday season, so head on over sooner rather than later! You can get gifts customized to include first or last names, dates, faces, places, and more, making it easy for you to gift thoughtful, genuine gifts to the loved ones in your life. 

We sincerely hope this guide makes it easier to delight the loved ones in your life, but we also want to remind you that the most important aspect of the holiday season is togetherness. Gifts are just an added bonus for those who can afford it or desire to give them. We hope your holiday season is full of togetherness, love, generosity, high quality time with your favorite people, and a little bit of holiday magic. As always, tag us in your Lessy Messy gifts – whether you give them or receive them – because we love to see our happy customers!