Take Great Kid Photos Without a Photographer

Take Great Kid Photos Without a Photographer

Take Great Kid Photos Without a Photographer

Tripod, portrait mode, face the light, take photos of tiny moments

As parents in the digital age, the pressure is ON to hire expensive photographers to capture all of life’s milestones so we can post them on social media. But as every parent knows, kids are messy, and photographers aren’t always in the budget.

Thankfully, with the constant advancement of technology, many of us have smartphones capable of capturing great photos of our kids without having to spend any extra money. If you’ve been struggling to perfect the art of smartphone photography, here are a few tips that will help you take better photos of your little ones so you can cherish important memories and milestones forever: 

Use a Tripod

And we’re not talking about one of those fancy light-up ones from Amazon. You can use things you already have at home to create a tripod. Books, heavy water bottles, and occasionally a single strip of tape are all you need to prop your phone up. You can set a self-timer to get family portraits, capture family photos of you on vacation, or take a time-lapse video of playtime at the park. 

Take Advantage of Portrait Mode

Most phones have an ultra-focus setting that allows you to capture photos while blurring the background, ultimately allowing the focus of the photo to be perfectly in focus. This can create an effect similar to professional photography, and is a great way to blur out any mess or clutter in the background of photos. 

Capture Photos of Tiny Moments

Instead of pressing pause on the fun and asking your kiddos to smile for the camera, consider taking more candid moments of them playing, laughing, and enjoying life. If you have babies at home, don’t forget to capture photos of their hands or feet, their calm face during naptime, their behinds as they first learn to crawl, their first pairs of shoes, and other exciting moments. These extra photos make for great memories, especially as they grow. 

Let the Light Shine on Them

If you aren’t familiar with photography tricks, this is one of the best tips we can give you. Natural light is any photographer’s best friend, and it’s best when the light shines gently on their faces (or the focus of the photo). To achieve optimum contrast and exposure in your photos, stand with your back to the sun and make sure your kids are well lit. Just remember to be cautious of their eyes and avoid having them look at the sun!