Less Mess, More Memories: 4 Reasons to Bring Lessy Messy Along This Summer

Less Mess, More Memories: 4 Reasons to Bring Lessy Messy Along This Summer

Less Mess, More Memories: 4 Reasons to Bring Lessy Messy Along This Summer

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You, your family, and togetherness - these are a few of our favorite things. And especially as summer break and family vacations approach, we know just how important it is to spend less time stressing, and more time enjoying the moment and making memories together.

   We strive to create products that make it easier for you to be present without having to worry about messes or discomforts along the way, which is why we think Lessy Messy products are must-haves for every family. But if you’ve been wondering why they’re especially useful, we’ve compiled a list of the top 4 reasons you should bring your Lessy Messy along with you. 

1. Car Clean-Up Made Easy No matter where you’re headed, keeping the car clean on your way there and back is a top priority for most families. When loading and unloading strollers, pets, kids, toys, and suitcases, the mess and dirt and sand tends to add up. Protecting your trunk from muddy paw prints, dirty luggage, wet coolers, and more doesn’t have to be difficult. Shop the Lessy Messy Trunk Mat. Once you’ve arrived back home, strip the mat out of the trunk and toss it directly in the washer to clean. Yes, it’s that easy.

 2. Ditch the Diaper Change Drama When On-The-Go Nobody likes pressing pause on the fun in order to change a diaper. Depending on where you are - on the road, at a sporting event, enjoying a family party, in a hotel, or anywhere else - things can get complicated with a baby on board. Finding a clean, safe place to change a baby's diaper is one thing, disposing of the mess and keeping them clean while doing so is another thing entirely. Relying on the lightweight Lessy Messy Diaper Changing Mat makes it easy to roll out the red carpet for your baby before rolling it back up and tucking it away to wash later. Not only will it put a barrier between your baby and a public changing surface (or the trunk, an unfamiliar carpet, etc.), but it will also make it easy for you to stow any mess or leaks away until you get back home.

3. Travel With Baby In Safe, Clean Style The nicest thing about the Lessy Messy Diaper Changing Pad Cover is that it can go from your home to your hotel without taking up too much space. Bringing the comforts of home with you while you travel is one way to help baby stay calm and secure, no matter where you are. Plus, you can ensure that their diaper changing station when on-the-go is clean and tidy, just like at home.

4. Comfortably Do It ALL
The most common Lessy Messy product that we hear families love to take with them when they travel is the all-purpose mat

There’s practically 1,001 uses for this magical essential and we can’t think of a better accessory to pack in the diaper bag or your luggage when traveling. It acts as a heavy duty, ultra-absorbent blanket that can serve as a barrier between you and the grass, sand, dirt, or even snow. This is great for trips to the zoo, the beach, the park, or even messy playtime in the kitchen or living room. The best part is that it’s tough enough to stand up to your washer and dryer’s heat cycles, making it so simple to clean, even when on-the-go.