“I’m Bored!” How To Avoid Summer Boredom

“I’m Bored!” How To Avoid Summer Boredom

“I’m Bored!” How To Avoid Summer Boredom

While many of our recent blog posts have offered inspiration and motivation to help you and your families get outside, enjoy the summer weather, stay active, and make memories during the break from school, we know that for most families, boredom will eventually set in. Especially for kiddos who have to keep themselves entertained while mom or dad are working from home or taking care of things around the house.

This blog post should provide you with the tips and tricks you need to help guide your kiddos towards their own entertainment while you can’t be hands-on with them during the day. Depending on your circumstances – like where you live, whether or not you have a yard, your kids’ ages, etc. – some of these may be more or less applicable and practical. Take what you can, save the rest for later!

  • Create summer-only activity stations.

Each year, create a uniquely curated table, station, or desktop space for your kids to seek out whenever summer boredom strikes. Not only does the introduction of something like this make it a desirable place to go, it keeps things interesting and age-appropriate year after year. You might want to fill it with craft supplies, outdoor toys, indoor games, snacks, coloring pages, a phone book with a few of their friends’ phone numbers, or anything else that can help your kids find self-guided fun.

  • Create a clock to help them keep their own schedule.

Many parents opt to create clocks likethis oneto help their little ones maintain their own schedule throughout the day. While it works great for helping kiddos understand when it’s time to get up or get dressed, it can also be used to allocate time towards summer reading, outdoor play, music practice, sports practice, and screen time.

  • Collect toys, games, and activities ahead of time.

As summer approaches each year, collect items or activities at the store – or that have been lost around the house – and keep them in a designated bin. Every few weeks during the summer, introduce a new activity – like a puzzle, outdoor toy, video game, etc. – to keep your kiddos occupied without overstimulating them. Bonus points if the activity challenges them to work together with siblings or friends, and teaches life skills!

  • Schedule monthly bookstore or library trips.

If you’re able to carve out some time each month (or even every other week), take your children to the bookstore or library to browse books and choose a few for themselves. Even a few minutes of reading each day can help your child maintain their reading and language abilities during summer months. Allowing them to choose their own selections – including activity books, picture books, or games – can help them explore their own interests and passions during the summer months.