Fun Ways to Keep Kids Healthy & Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Fun Ways to Keep Kids Healthy & Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Fun Ways to Keep Kids Healthy & Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Have you struggled to make healthy habits fun and exciting for your children? As a parent, your priority throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has likely been the safety and health of your family, especially little ones who might not be well-equipped to follow guidelines on their own. As the pandemic continues to spread, spike, and disrupt the expectations we had for our children’s development, it can be tempting to compromise our safety standards to allow for more “fun” in our everyday lives. 

After almost an entire year of precautions, new routines, and habits to limit your potential exposure, it can be difficult to imagine that fun is still accessible while maintaining a certain level of safety for your family. Luckily, keeping your little ones healthy and safe in our current environment isn’t impossible, and doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly stressful. Here are 5 ways to protect your family in 2021 and have some fun (and peace of mind) along the way. 

  1. Happy Hand Washing

The key to getting your kids hooked on hand washing is to turn it into something that they love to do. Incentivize hand washing by offering up points, an allowance, a sticker, or even a high-five every time your kiddo remembers to wash up. If an incentive isn’t enough to form this habit, try using fun songs like this one to turn this time into a sing along or dance party. Not only will these habits mean more fun for your little one, but it also means you can feel confident in their ability to prioritize and enjoy hand washing when out and about or first arriving home. 

  1. Making Masks Magical 

Masks can be itchy, uncomfortable, and even smelly for young kids, and convincing them that they have to wear it for their own wellbeing isn’t often well received. But there’s still time to get your kiddo excited about masking up, and it starts with a little bit of magic. If you haven’t already, spend some time browsing Etsy (or explore “14 Best Face Masks for Kids, According to Parents”) to find a mask (or two) that features your kiddo’s favorite patterns or characters. The goal is to find a mask that they’ll believe was made just for them. Once their masks arrive, convince them of the magic of mask wearing by using songs like this one, stories like these ones, or make up your very own kid-approved tale about the superpowers that come along with wearing a mask, even when it’s uncomfortable. 

  1. Portable Potty Protection

As parents, we know that one of the easiest ways to spread germs or bacteria is by improperly cleaning up after a messy diaper change or potty experience. Slathering your baby’s germs around a diaper mat or changing pad is no way to cut down on the risk of spreading bacteria. As the pandemic persists, invest in a changing mat that makes diaper changes stress-free and sanitary so you can spend less time stressing, and more time enjoying your baby. Opt for a diaper pad that absorbs even the most disastrous messes AND can be thrown directly into the washing machine to cut down on your family’s risk of exposure or spreading. 

  1. Tools for Safe Travel 

While many families are traveling less often to avoid the risk of exposure to COVID-19, there are still a few trips we can’t avoid, and quite a few ways we’ve found safe fun. Whether you’re making a trip to the store for necessities, visiting the zoo while social distancing, or traveling to quarantine with family, maximizing efficiency when keeping the car, your luggage, and especially your groceries clean doesn’t have to be a compromise. Trunk mats from Lessy Messy can be thrown directly in the washing machine and dryer, so you can give it a quick wash before each trip to cut down on the germs that linger in your vehicle.

  1. Family Fun Indoors & Outdoors 

When in doubt, head to the beach or park for safe social distancing and lots of room to explore. Parks and beaches turned out to be the unsung heroes of 2020, emerging as an escape from the day-to-day monotony of school and work, and offering a shimmer of hope by way of fresh air, sunshine, and the opportunity to forget that we’re in the midst of a global pandemic. The perfect equation for family fun at the park? A great snack, comfy shoes, and the perfect picnic mat to fold, store, and toss in the washer when you get home. As temperatures drop and outdoor adventures are no longer an option, use this same picnic mat to keep your carpets clean and mess-free. 

If you’ve found more ways to spice up traditional safety measures and find fun for your family, we want to hear about it! Reach out to us via email to tell us all about how you’ve managed to keep your family safe without cutting down on the fun so we can share ideas with the rest of the Lessy Messy community.