Influencers We Love: Dr. Becky

Influencers We Love: Dr. Becky

Influencers We Love: Dr. Becky

We’re always on the lookout for relatable influencers to follow and share with our community. Since many of our customers are moms, dads, and young families in general, we strive to promote good values and spread the word about influencers who promote good values, too. 

As they say, it takes a village, and in the 21st century, sometimes that village includes experts and influencers on the internet. Who would’ve imagined? But the truth is, Instagram is full of doctors, professionals, and experts in their field who share valuable wisdom and insights that parents can benefit from (for free).

Well we think we’ve found a hidden gem (though, maybe not so hidden anymore) and are eager to share her with you. Dr. Becky Kennedy shares about all things parenting on her page (@drbeckyatgoodinside). She also has a podcast (Good Inside with Dr. Becky) and hosts courses, workshops, and other informational resources on her website,

Before we get into all of the juicy details about what she offers and shares, we highly recommend taking a moment to follow her on social media and check out her pages. This blog post isn’t sponsored, and she doesn’t know we’re featuring her…we’re simply excited to have found such an incredible resource and want to share it with our Lessy Messy family. 

Dr. Becky on Instagram

We love keeping up with Dr. Becky on the ‘Gram because she shares tons of helpful information and practical applications that you can turn around and use within your family almost immediately. Some of our favorite posts from the past few weeks include this one, highlighting 3 mantras to manage mom guilt. For many parents, it’s difficult to grapple with guilty feelings about taking time for yourself, not knowing the “best” course of action for your little one, or feeling inadequate. 

Another one of our favorite posts is this one, which includes a video clip from Dr. Becky’s podcast and features Dr. Becky’s perspective on lying, why children lie, and how we can uncover the truth within our family units. 

Dr. Becky’s Podcast

For those of you who are all in on podcasts, Good Inside with Dr. Becky is the perfect listen during workouts, car rides, or while you get things done at home. Here are a few of our favorite episodes from the past few weeks: 

  • Deep Dive: Kristin Bell and Jackie Tohn on the magic of song (September 14)
  • Why kids lie and what to do about it (September 7)
  • My kid is out-of-control. What can I do? (August 17)

You can also catch the occasional juicy snippet from this podcast shared via Instagram by Dr. Becky! 

Dr. Becky’s Workshops & Resources

Looking for a more comprehensive way to invest in finding a solution to some of the most common struggles that families face? Dr. Becky’s website (Good Inside) features dozens of helpful workshops and resource bundles to help you tackle life’s toughest obstacles. You can explore all of Dr. Becky’s workshops, courses, and bundles here.

Some of the most notable and popular best-sellers include: 

  • Potty Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Potty Learning
  • Back to School: Reduce Separation Anxiety, Increase Confidence
  • Deeply Feeling Kids: What’s Going On and What They Need