Healthy Hacks for Little Ones

Healthy Hacks for Little Ones

Healthy Hacks for Little Ones

If you’ve ever struggled to convince your little one to clean their plate or suffer through another few bites of veggies, trust us when we say you’re not alone. It can be tough to persuade young children to consume the proper nutrients, especially the ones that don’t taste like sugar and spice. But because proper nutrition and a balanced “diet” for young ones is such an important component of their wellness and development, we’ve compiled some of our favorite healthy hacks for helping your child get all of their nutrients with ease. 

Veggie Packed Smoothies

Smoothies can be one of the easiest (and sneakiest) ways to incorporate essential nutrients into your little one’s routine. You can hide leafy greens (like spinach or kale), cauliflower, fresh fruits, avocado, beets, ginger, and so many kinds of seeds inside smoothies. If you’re struggling to mask any of those flavors, try adding a dash of lime juice to the mix. Incorporating smoothies into your kid’s snack or meal time can help keep them full, energized, and gives them access to healthy vitamins and nutrients found within fruits and veggies. Plus, smoothies can often be passed off as dessert or ice cream and served on the go, making the perfect addition to every adventure

Whole Grain Alternatives

Getting crafty with crusts and grains can help you eliminate a few extra starchy carbs from your child’s diet. By opting for whole grain alternatives, your little one can get their recommended nutrients from healthy seeds and grains which are otherwise hard to consume. Next time you’re planning for pizza night, making breakfast sandwiches, or getting crafty with grilled cheese, see what whole grain substitutes you can make. 

Sweet Potato Fries

Fries are a forever favorite for families (whoa, say that five times fast). But it’s important to think about how much oil, salt, and starch is packed into a single serving of french fries. If your family loves french fries but you don’t love forcing your vegetable portion to compete with unbeatable french fries, opt for sweet potato fries instead. Make them yourself or take a store bought version for a spin and watch your family indulge in french fry fun without compromising on their health. 

Flavored Water

Many kids get a taste of the good life – and by good life, we mean juice boxes and sodas – and can never see water the same way. While it may be considered “boring,” water is one of the most crucial components of a balanced diet. A consistent water intake allows your child to digest properly and remain hydrated. If you struggle to convince your little one to hydrate, we recommend opting for one of many flavored water options available. Hint has great juice box options, available on Amazon, and if you’re a Thrive Market member, this KidsLuv option is zero-sugar and vitamin packed!