Diaper Changing Mat - Animal Print

Diaper Changing Mat - Animal Print

$ 13.99

The perfect diaper changing mat to protect your baby from germs! With the unique feature of being absorbent, leak-proof AND Washer/Dryer Safe, it can be washed and dried at high temperatures for a fresh clean feel after every wash over and over again.

  • Absorbent - from accidents get absorbed without spreading and making a mess (for hygiene and best absorbency results, wash before first use)
  • Leak-Proof the impervious layer does not let liquid seep through keeping the changing surface nice and dry
  • Washer/Dryer Safe made with advanced technology in textiles, this multi-layered product is engineering to handle high temperatures in the washer and dryer
  • Hygienicthe ability to wash and dryer every time you use it significantly reduces your chances to expose your baby to germs.
  • Size the generous 20 IN X 30 IN size is designed for larger babies and to protect your baby from unclean surfaces in public places

Say NO to Germs

Tips from WebMD on “How Mom Can Stop Germs

  • Have a big changing pad.You never know where you’ll wind up having to do a diaper change or how disgusting the surface will be. So always bring a changing pad that’s big -- big enough that your baby can fit on without having to touch the surrounding area. The LessyMessy mat is a generous size of 20 in. X 30 in.
  • Wash the diaper pad cover regularly. Changing pads and covers can get dirty quickly. Get in the habit of washing yours routinely -- and change it right away if it’s stained. Most diaper pads are not dryer safe but the LessyMessy is safe for the Washer AND Dryer – wash and reuse over 100 times. Say NO to Germs

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Diaper Changing Mat - Animal Print