Here is what some of our many satisfied customers have to say about the Lessy Messy products that they have been using

Diaper Changing Mat

“I can not tell you how many times I have needed to change a baby’s diaper and I had nowhere to turn. Especially when I’m at a business and they do not have a changing table. The Lessy Messy Diaper Changing Mat has been life changing for this mom of four” – Jess Lee

“Amazing product - The Lessy Messy Changing Mat has been a lifesaver. Before this, I used a cloth diaper changing cover that was such a hassle, having to wash it almost everyday. There would be leaks on the diaper changing pad and changing table on a regular basis. Not only would we be stuck with a wet pad, but also a changing table to wipe down with cleanser. This was adding another job to tackle with a crying baby on our hands! With the Lessy Messy, we haven't had our work doubled. The best part is that the mat can be thrown into the washer/dryer with a regular load and is ready to use right after. I would say it's a must have for all moms”- Lmf304

“Very useful. I would recommend this product to a friend – Britawater

“I’m officially in love with this diaper mat. First of all, it absorbs any liquid without leaking. Whether I use it on the bed or changing pad, I am guaranteed that the surface beneath it remains dry and clean. Plus the size is much bigger than the other mats. But what won me over was the fact that it’s safe for the washer and dryer even at high temperatures. Being a mom at a time when there’s so much access to information about hygiene and health, I feel really good about keeping my baby on a mat that I know is perfectly clean. This is my new go-to gift for new moms and my pregnant friends. Here’s to a Lessier Messier motherhood” - AmuZee

“This changing mat is easy and convenient to carry around with me. It absorbs well and can be machine washed and put in the dryer as well unlike other changing mats where you cannot put in the dryer because of the plastic lining. I can fold this may neatly and carry it in my diaper bag without it taking up too much space. This is a unique mat and I would definitely recommend to a friend. Plus, the price is great!”-  Happymom

“We kept trying to make the too-small mats fit our getting-big toddler. The Lessy Messy is 20×30 inches, so my baby has plenty of room on it. The size is also perfect for topping a diaper changing table in a public restroom or at home. In the past, I had to struggle to keep my baby on a too small diaper mat in a public restroom while still trying to make sure he didn’t roll off. This product covers most of the changing table, so I don’t have to worry about germs or messes. Also, it’s easy to roll up and get back in the diaper bag quickly (and one-handed), unlike the built-in diaper changing pad that my diaper bag has.” - Leahbmartin

“Being a first time mom you are constantly learning new things about your baby, learning the ropes and making mistakes! (Which is VERY normal and okay!) One mistake I kept making over and over was changing my daughters diaper on our bed at night and in the morning when she was sleeping in our bedroom in her bassinet. That is just grounds for disaster! Between her being squirmy, blowouts and peeing without her diaper on, my bedding has gotten its fair share of cleanings! Even when I would place her on a blanket on top of our bed it would seep right down through it and contaminate and leak through to our bedding. Yuck! Finally I’ve found a baby changing pad that will NOT leak through! The Lessy Messy Diaper Changing Mat!” -  Kirstin Morabito

"Changing a baby when you're out and about can be such a hassle -- germs everywhere, yuck! I've always avoided changing my little one in public places because those changing tables in the restrooms are super hard and they don't provide any time of towel to cover up the plastic. I'm not a normally a germ-a-phobe, but public changing tables really gross me out.If I've ever changed my little one anywhere, it was in the back seat of my car, but most of the time, I'd just waited until I got home. When I received the Lessy Messy Diaper Changing Mat, that all changed. –Marta Larissa

The All-Purpose Mat

“The amazing thing about the 60″x 60″ mat is its versatility; you can use it anywhere! You can use it as a tablecloth, a picnic blanket,  a trunk mat, or my favorite: a mattress cover! Now, I know what you’re thinking: I can’t even get my wiggly boys to keep the sheet on the bed, and it has elastic corners! How is the Lessy Messy going to stay put? I can’t answer that, because I don’t know the inner workings of the magic that is the Lessy Messy, but I can tell you that this mat has somehow stayed put on my son’s bed despite his hourly bed bouncing routine” . – Glorious Mom Blog

"The Best Picnic Blanket We've Ever Had" - Meredith

We have a friend at work whose dog was terminally ill, and 'messing' all over the house. They did not want to put her down and were trying to take care of her at home, but the mess was overwhelming. So we gave her our Lessy Messy Mat. She said it was a god-send and that it was the only thing that worked, as far as being able to clean up after their Dog, and not having their floor ruined. She really appreciated that Lessy Messy Mat" - Laura R. from Philadelphia

 Trunk Mat

“As an avid gardener who buys LOTS of plants, the Lessy Messy Trunk Mat is the perfect solution to my very dirty trunk! I was so tired of vacuuming the escaped soil and plant debris from my trunk, and trying to scrub off the mud stains left from the mums that had just been watered before going into my trunk. Forget the plastic sheets they give you at the garden center-they never stay put and always seem to get scrunched up in the corner of the trunk. The Lessy Messy mat stays put, it's so easy to shake off the debris when necessary, and now that the gardening season is almost over, I can just throw the Mat in the washer and dryer to cleanThe it! Both my car trunk and I are very happy with this product, and I think it will make a perfect gift for my gardening friends!” - Gardengal

“My previous car had so many spills and stains in the trunk that it took me forever to clean it before I sold the car. When I got my new car, I wanted to keep the trunk looking nice and clean – so, I put a sheet in but it kept shifting and was no help till a friend told me about the Lessy Messy. I love the way it absorbs liquids and takes the stains. I’ve washed it a few times already and has held up well – the best part is I keep checking my original trunk mat(that came with my new car) and love how it looks nice and new ! LOVE IT !!” - AF

Garden Mat

"I love the Lessy Messy Garden Mat! It's comfortable and easy to work from, and keeps you out of the dirt. And, if the ground is damp, the Lessy Messy Garden Mat does not 'leak up' and get you damp, so I really like that. In fact, the two times I did not use my Lessy Messy Garden Mat - I got ticks! (Which happens down South), so I never want to be without my LM Garden Mat" - Teresa B. from Nashville, TN

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