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Lessy Messy Featured on TV

The unique LessyMessy™ Mat was featured as the “Must Have for Every Household” product on a Business Connection show on TV. Watch this informative clip that showcases the various applications of the product with a demo of its features. The interviewer calls it “the best thing in the world” and of course, we agree and we’re confident you will too.

Why Lessy Messy?

  • Protects your carpet, clothes, flooring, car seat, car trunk and much more
  • 100% Safe for Kids – Soft, Hypo-Allergenic, Lint Free
  • Absorbent – so spills will get absorbed and not make a mess
  • Leak-Proof – TWO layers of impervious material to keep fluids from seeping through
  • Multi layered fabrics made from advanced technology in textiles to give it the unique combination of being leak proof and safe for the washer and dryer
  • Eco-Friendly – wash and reuse over 100 times

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