No Stains, No Germs – How Moms (and Dads) Can Make Life “Lessy Messy

Check out all these innovative products that parents need to protect their kids against stains and germs.

Whether you are a nervous mom struggling to cope with the challenges of a new born or a confident mom enjoying the cute stage of your little ones or a frazzled mom of a teenager, there are two things you always worry about – “how to protect your child from stains and germs.” There’s a unique line of products with different applications for indoors and outdoors that is designed to overcome these two problems and make your life “lessy messy”.

For the Baby

One of the biggest challenges while changing a baby’s diaper is making sure that the changing mat that you use can be thoroughly cleaned every time it gets dirty (and it will get dirty more often than you think with the sprays and the leaks). If a mat is leak-proof, it is most likely not safe for the washer/dryer and has to be wiped to clean it and no matter how many wipes you use to clean it, the smell never goes away and neither do the germs! This unique “Lessy Messy Diaper Changing Mat” is the only one of its kind that is absorbent, leak-proof and washer/dryer safe. So, you can be confident that you have a mat that is truly clean – ready to be used over and over again. Plus, it absorbs any liquid without letting it roll and making a mess. And, the large 20 IN X 30 IN size gives enough room to protect your baby from a dirty changing surface in a public place and protect your clean surface at home (like your bed).

Love the Outdoors?

If you are like most people who love the outdoors, you probably carry a picnic blanket, a bed sheet, plastic sheets or even garbage bags to sit on the ground – not the most convenient especially on wet or muddy ground and the disposable plastic is definitely not environment friendly. How would you like to have a picnic blanket and beach mat combined into one – something that keeps your clothes dry and clean even when the grass or sand is wet; something reusable so you don’t feel guilty of adding to that landfill and best of all, something that can be put through the washer/dryer so it is truly clean ready to be used over and over again – at a picnic, on the beach, at an outdoor concert, kids’ ballgames and much more


Protect that Floor and More

Don’t let your fear of ruining the carpet at home restrict your kids’ creativity especially when they’re using paint, markers, glue, and even playdough or nail polish. Parents typically use newspapers, plastic sheets or blankets to cover their expensive carpet and rugs while kids play but these are not really effective – they don’t sit well, are messy, not all of them are leak-proof and of course, some are not environment friendly. Get a mat that is absorbent (so any spills do not roll off and make a mess), leak-proof so nothing seeps through to stain your carpet but, most importantly, safe for the washer/dryer so you are assured that it is TRULY clean before your kids use it again. Plus, you want something that is versatile enough to use on the mattress to protect against stains caused by bed-wetting or diaper-training accidents or protect your couch from pet hair and saliva so you don’t need multiple products for different applications. 


Your Car is a "Germobile"

Did you know that the trunk of your car is a breeding ground for germs that are exposed to your grocery, kids’ clothes and other stuff that you normally carry in your trunk? Microbiologists have found an average of about 1,000 bacteria per 10 square centimeters; as a reference, public toilet seats contain on average 80 bugs per 10 square centimeters. The biggest reason for the stains and germs in the car trunk is that the trunk carpet and rubber mats are the only two options and neither of them can be thoroughly cleaned because it is too cumbersome, expensive and time consuming to do so. A washable mat is the answer – a unique concept for the car trunk. The mat absorbs any liquid spills, leak-proof and best of all washer/dryer safe so it can be used over and over again keeping the trunk of the car free from stains and germs !!!